ClarkHouse Human Capital are leading providers of Talent Solutions in the 4th Industrial Revolution. We see the value in exploring new technology and have introduced a revolutionary new Virtual Reality training solution that can assist your organisation reduce costs on training and time on travel.


Virtual Reality Training is the future of vocational learning and nowhere is this more important than in Africa where there are high rates of unemployment and an acute skills gap.


Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality training not only reduces risk and improves safety, but also provides more accessible and customisable learning experiences. ClarkHouse can assist your organisation implement highly customised VR and AR training solutions.


By democratising this effective VR training approach, we hope to make a fundamental difference to the functioning of infrastructure and economies across the developing world from training and development, graduate recruitment programs, on-boarding and induction.


Benefits of using Virtual Reality training solutions:

  • Appeals to a wide variety of learning styles

  • Overcomes geographical boundaries

  • Saves time on travel and money on training

  • No real-world repercussions: reduction in on-the-job training injuries and damage to machinery

  • Increase employees’ ability to retain and apply new information

  • Increase the pass rate on employee competency exams

  • Gain insight into human behavioural patterns

  • Quantify and predict how employees will respond to different scenarios, collect data and formulate protocols

  • Assist instructors identify reoccurring areas of learning difficulty with the ability to adjust their training programmes almost immediately.

  • Provide organisations with metrics to track student progress

VR Training is particularly useful to organisations who utilise high risk, high cost machinery and incur high training costs. Skills required to operate these machines are scarce and expensive. Training staff to the level of an expert is costly, timely and risky.


ClarkHouse can assist your organisation:


  • Create your own VR training

  • Build training modules with your own people or outside providers of your choice

  • Upload existing training materials in a wide range of file formats

  • Create digital twins of your existing equipment

  • Collaborate in VR from anywhere in the world

  • Empower stakeholders to meet to consider 3D designs in 3D

  • 3D training

  • Upload 3D models for training purposes. 

  • 360 video training

  • Add a wide range interactive features for the learner

  • 3D technical manual creation

  • Upload 3D models of equipment

  • Create 3D instructions with the 3D creator tool

  • Publish to an app for consumption by technicians and operators

  • Remote Support tool

  • Support remote field technicians in 3D 

  • Low bandwidth to work over 2G networks

  • Integrate with existing Asset management software.


Contact us to find out how you can streamline your training division and save thousands on training staff.

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