Stan Slap is a renowned thought leader in how to achieve maximum commitment from manager, employee and customer cultures. He wrote the New York Times, Wall St. Journal and USA Today bestselling books on business culture, and he is the CEO of the international consulting company called, by a remarkable coincidence, SLAP.
Stan’s work has achieved legendary metrics impact for many of the world’s most demanding organizations, from GOOGLE, FACEBOOK, MICROSOFT, TIME WARNER and HSBC to the IRS and the  GOVERNMENT OF NORTHERN IRELAND. Some  examples  on the employee culture side include transforming HEWLETT PACKARD’s $12b North America channel business from what then-CEO Mark Hurd famously called “the worst organization in the entire company” to what he then declared as “the best organization in the entire company,” creating the highest rated management development process in ORACLE’s history; jumping RACKSPACE from #77 to #19 on the Fortune Best Companies to Work For list, which is the biggest leap ever by any company; and being the only resource that GLASSDOOR.COM recommends to clients who need to improve their cultural rating.

Some examples on the customer culture side are creating the brand and thought leadership strategies for MCAFEE that caused INTEL to buy them for $8b; creating the brand and audience experience strategies for VIACOM that transformed BLACK ENTERTAINMENT TELEVISION from a $3.6b acquisition loss to a top 20 network; and creating the strategy that allowed OSKAR, a tiny late entry startup in the Czech mobile phone market up against giants T-MOBILE and DEUTSCHE TELEKOM, to spank those big boys so hard that the little company was bought by VODAFONE for $4b less than three years later.


SLAP company solutions have been successfully presented in over 70 countries and Stan is a frequently requested keynote speaker at global conferences. His corporate biography says that, “Stan Slap is intent on making a profound difference in the world –– before he is forcibly removed from it.”

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