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Updated: Mar 27, 2019

What you can expect from Clarkhouse Human Capital Diversity Day speakers.

In the words of Stanley Slap, headline speaker, "I want attendees to experience epiphany after epiphany from the Clarkhouse Human Capital Day on Diversity. I want people to go wow – that was an experience! But not only that, I want to talk practically and tactically so that they leave with action steps to build a great culture and improve their organisations.” 

Clarkhouse Human Capital Day on Diversity takes place on 5 October 2017 at Langhams Country Estate in Fourways. So far there are 15 speakers, all with exceptional talents and skills from varying business sectors and interest groups. I had an insightful conversation with each of the speakers in a bid to understand their thoughts on the day and what we can expect from them.

My first chat was with Catherine Marshall, an enigmatic powerhouse that forged her way as one of the first woman wine makers in South Africa. Catherine’s journey is an unbelievably inspiring one and she will be sharing this as well as the philosophies she’s learnt from wine making along the way. Catherine would like the audience to leave with an understanding of what their fears are and challenge them to climb past these. To get out of their comfort zones and truly tackle some uncomfortable tasks and discussions. “I want to feed people with my journey and lessons of dirt, wine and families” says Catherine. A truly different angle.

Next I spoke with Njabulo Mashigo, HR Director of Heineken, a quietly formidable force, on the value that having diversity in organisations has on the success or failure of a business. Njabulo would like delegates to walk away from the Diversity Day feeling excited to challenge themselves and look at the world through a different lens, to be open to new perspectives and have those tough conversations at boardroom level. “There is so much value in diversity, of thinking differently, of acting differently, it’s important that we harness this varied experience” says Njabulo.

Another raw and powerful conversation I had was with Liesel Scott. Liesel has found a profound niche to work in, that of debunking the myth that vulnerability is weakness and instead, positioning vulnerability as the hallmark of courageous and authentic leadership. The Daring Way TM, is a highly experiential methodology based on the research of Dr Brené Brown, and Liesel will be sharing this methodology with all delegates at the Clarkhouse Human Capital Diversity Day. Liesel’s passion for allowing people to find their authentic selves and being able to use this in all areas of their life, has led her to create one of the first Vulnerability Workshops in South Africa. This ethos is fascinating and Liesel’s conversation is not to be missed.

Finally, hailing from Silicone Valley, USA, the CEO of SLAP Company and mastermind behind creating a committed culture for many of the world’s most successful companies, including Google, HSBC, Microsoft, Viacom and many more, Stanley Slap is someone you HAVE to listen to in your lifetime. He is a fascinating force and inspiring man that immediately gains your trust. Stan’s ideal outcome when he speaks is that the audience walks away with a tremendous understanding of the power of a great company culture as well as action steps and metrics they can implement to create a committed culture, a great culture and a culture that breeds success. Culture is one of the most misunderstood areas of business today and Stan will be able to provide insight and actionable steps on how to tackle this, specifically in the South African environment.

If you are a business looking to tackle diversity and make your culture one to rival the most successful companies in the world then you need to see Stan Slap.

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But there are even more speakers taking part in this incredible initiative. Stay tuned for part 2 of our speakers line up.

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