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If there is only one conference you attend this year...

Updated: Mar 27, 2019

Clarkhouse Human Capital Diversity Day

If there is only one conference you attend this year…this should be it!

In Prepare to have your mind blown, we showcased a few of the speakers that will be centre stage on 5 October 2017 at the Clarkhouse Human Capital Diversity Day. I had the privilege of having conversations with a few more incredible speakers that are lined up for the day and gleaned further insight into what to expect on the day.

My first discussion was with Liesl Bebb-Mackay whose overwhelming passion for the subject of diversity truly shone through in her conversation with me. Liesl raised some very interesting questions around group think and how organisations and cultures live in a constant cycle that she has termed the “Mogli syndrome”. “If you’re actually a man-cub but you’ve lived with wolves all your life, you will act like a wolf and think like a wolf, and not in fact like a man-cub” she says. “So” she asks “How do we rewrite this? And how do we reframe a culture to really trust who they truly are?” Businesses should be creating cultures that embrace whoever you are. Not only does it improve innovation but it creates a braver society that lives with authenticity and purpose. These are a few of the angles Liesl will be discussing on the day and imploring her audience to think further and wider than the norm.

Paul Steenkamp was next to give me insight into his world of Open Innovation and what this means in the real world. “I want delegates to remember the spirit of how the message was shared, if they remember the content that’s great but it’s really about much more than that, it’s about lighting someone’s candle” says Paul. He went on to emphasise how important the topic of diversity is and how, if leveraged correctly, could be South Africa’s super power. Paul will also be discussing how organisational design and development can change an entire culture for the better even within large legacy organisations. Included in this are culture audits, innovation fitness frameworks and more. Expect some fascinating ideas from Paul on the day.

Richard Warren-Tangney opened my eyes to a world where organisations in this day and age are getting diversity completely wrong. His ideal outcome from the Clarkhouse Human Capital Diversity Day would be that delegates take back conversations to their leaders and have truly tough and gritty discussions around handicaps, gender issues, LGBT issues and more. “Only if we bring these out into the open will we ever be able to embrace as well as support diversity.” However having these discussions is not enough, but implementing tangible outcomes such as protection for these communities in the constitution, access to counselling, adequate support, equal rules, gender neutral terminology, parental leave and more. Join this impactful discussion taking place at the Clarkhouse Human Capital Diversity Day.

Next I spoke with Niven Postma, Head of Leadership and Culture at Standard Bank. Niven is adamant that people who attend the Clarkhouse Human Capital Diversity Day and listen to her speak leave with stories that are meaningful to them and inspire them to find different ways of approaching things. “We as a human race have infinite demands on us and a finite amount of energy to deal with them” says Niven “we have to be careful what we give attention to and be sure to make it meaningful.” Niven will be discussing her approach to leadership, culture and how this drives diversity.

Finally I spoke with Joke Coker, who gave me insight into her incredible quest for human excellence. “This human excellence spans across all areas of existence” says Joke “if organisations focus only on human excellence then diversity will take care of itself.” Not only is Joke an expert on NLP, motivation and teamwork but she has also won a number of honours and awards over the years including the top 40 Nigerian female professionals in the world, Outstanding Achiever’s Award from the Women in Banking Finance and Investments Association & Venture Capital Leadership Prize (UK) as well as the Woman of the Year Award from the National Association of Professional Women (NAPW) USA. Joke will be speaking on how organisations need to build human excellence into their business strategy from compensation to policies to exit management and more. How much is your company embracing human excellence? How is unconscious bias getting in the way of this?

To learn the answers to these and many other thought provoking questions around diversity, join us on the 5th October 2017 at Langhams Estate for the Clarkhouse Human Capital Diversity Day. For more information or to book tickets, go to

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