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Corporate HR Innovation, a Myth or a Possibility?

Updated: Mar 27, 2019

“It cannot be emphasized enough, how the working world, corporate practices, resourcing and talent management are fundamentally changing right before our eyes. Those businesses that stay on-top or ahead of the innovation curve are the ones that will survive. The rest will perish in a sea of red tape, administration and outdated practices.” Roy Clark, MD of Clarkhouse Human Capital

This is a bold statement, but in this day and age we need to be bold. We need to disrupt, we need to innovate, we need to challenge and we need to think differently. Businesses are not going to survive if HR remain constricted by processes, administration, a lack of understanding, a lack of integration and pivotally, a lack of skilled resources.

The Proof is in the Survey Pudding Clarkhouse Human Capital conducted a study this year aimed at two separate areas of the business. The first survey was to Business Unit Leaders/Heads/Line Management who were asked questions around whether HR is a strategic partner in your business, whether they believe HR can innovate as well as which HR function gives them sleepless nights. The second survey was for HR Managers/Partners/Resourcing Teams, these questions were based around HR strategy and the new world of work, whether it includes Line Managers, whether they feel they have the opportunity to innovate as well as various obstacles they face.

Astounding Results What fundamentally stood out is that these two separate groups of people had exactly the same frustrations and ideals. They wanted to speak to one another but somehow red tape and internal structures didn’t allow this to happen and they wanted to work together as strategic partners but didn’t have the resources, time or ability to do so. So what, you ask, is the problem!? If you have watched the movie Moneyball, based on the underdog Oakland Baseball team who rise to stardom, Brad Pitts character as their coach asks this same question to a team of outdated, small thinking, overconfident Scouts who have used the same strategies for the last 60 years. WHAT IS THE PROBLEM? The problem is not being too unknown to attract new talent, it is not the inability to pay huge salaries to attract talent. The problem is that the same outdated, stale and inadequate HR strategies are being used in world that chews these up and spits them out.

So can Corporate HR Innovate? In short, the answer is yes, of course they can. However before this can happen, there need to be a few fundamental shifts in mind-set, in policies and in understanding. These range from the use of deep data analytics to virtual reality, from artificial intelligence to the new face of HR. There are solutions to this impending HR crisis and we urge any person involved with, or in HR to attend the GIBS HR for Corporate Innovation Talk on the 9th May. With speakers such as Stacey Lee Bolon, Innovation Manager at FNB, Roy Clark, Clarkhouse Human Capital, Bianca Bosch, Innovation Manager for Totem Africa and Candice Matthews of Standard Bank all tackling and unpacking this urgent resourcing reality.

Join us; Date:     Monday, 9 May 2016  Time:     07:15 – 10:30 (networking breakfast before the presentation) Venue:  GIBS campus, 26 Melville Road, Illovo, Sandton 

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Find out what your business and HR can do to stay ahead of the Innovation Curve.

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