Head Resourcing Consultant: Digital, Data
& Emerging Technologies 

Dawn has over 15 years’ experience in Telecoms and IT. Her love of people and ability to relate to their needs has made her an indispensable asset to ClarkHouse Human Capital.

With 20 years of Human Capital and talent placement experience, Dawn believes that the key to successful placements is understanding the unique personalities and quirks of candidates. Matching personalities to not only the organisational culture of organisations, but to sub-cultures within departments is imperative to a dynamic and health corporate relationship.

Dawn specialises in talent placement in the Digital, IT, Data and Emerging Technology space. Over the past 15 years, Dawn has seen the industry transform. She believes that the biggest shift in the industry has been caused by the dynamic requirements of Digital and Data candidates.

IT personnel are expected to be team players and inspirational leaders, while candidates are inherently introverted and self-motivated – this balance is hard to find, thus making data and digital placement an exciting challenge that Dawn tackles head on.

Dawn is dedicated to driving transforming within organisations and specialises in placing highly skilled and intelligent candidates into positions where they feel inspired to engineer change. The current landscape of Data, Digital and Technology placements is driven by the need for candidates to feel fulfilled in their positions. This feeling of fulfillment can only be achieved through understanding the personalities of candidates and matching them to the dynamic needs of organisations looking for more than the IT professional, but an excellent communicator, leader and advisor.

Dawn is dedicated to building and fostering relationships, growing and developing people and helping individuals discover their own unique career path in line with the ClarkHouse core purpose - 'To Rise By Lifting Others"


info@clarkhouse.co.za   |   011 513 3416
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