My Journey to Overcoming the Fear of Public Speaking

My Journey to Overcoming the Fear of Public Speaking

Public speaking has always been an immense source of anxiety for me. This surprises so many people who know me as I am generally a confident person who can sit at a boardroom table with senior executives and present with no problem.

The thought of standing before a crowd, feeling their eyes upon me, and the weight of delivering a coherent message would trigger a flurry of irrational panic. However, I've come to realize that if I don't confront this fear, it will continue to limit my personal and professional growth. In this article, I want to share my ongoing journey of overcoming the fear of public speaking while navigating the anxiety it causes me. I know I am not alone with this so thought I would share my experience and what is working for me to gradually conquer this formidable challenge.

Start Small and Acknowledge Progress

I vividly recall the time I was presented with an opportunity to speak at a large event—a moment that both excited and terrified me. It was our ClarkHouse Diversity Day in 2017 with around 200 senior executives, and the thought of addressing such a substantial audience intensified my anxiety. However, I knew deep down that if I wanted to conquer my fear of public speaking, I had to embrace this challenge head-on.

Instead of succumbing to overwhelming fear, I decided to just do the 5-minute introduction. By starting small within the context of a large event, I gradually built my confidence and expanded my comfort zone.

Each step forward, no matter how seemingly insignificant, became a cause for celebration. I acknowledged and appreciated my progress. By recognising the value of these small victories, I grew more determined to push beyond my limitations and embrace future opportunities for growth.

Preparing thoroughly, utilising relaxation techniques, seeking support, and acknowledging progress—all these strategies remained essential as I navigated the challenges of public speaking. By focusing on gradual progress within the context of a larger event, I realized that overcoming my fear was not an overnight feat but a continuous journey of personal development.

Remember, when faced with a daunting speaking engagement, don't let the size of the event paralyze you. Break it down into smaller, achievable steps, and acknowledge your progress along the way. Every small success will reinforce your resilience and provide the motivation needed to conquer the fear of public speaking.

Prepare Thoroughly and Embrace Practice

To alleviate anxiety, thorough preparation has become my lifeline. Researching my topic extensively, organizing my thoughts, and crafting a clear outline have given me a sense of control over my speech. By practicing relentlessly, whether in front of a mirror or with trusted individuals, I've been able to refine my delivery and familiarise myself with the material. Each practice session helps me build confidence and allows me to identify areas for improvement. Despite the anxiety this causes me, I remind myself that practice is an integral part of growth.

Utilise Relaxation Techniques

Anxiety can still grip me tightly before each speaking engagement, but I've found solace in utilising relaxation techniques. Deep breathing exercises, meditation, and visualization have become invaluable tools in calming my mind and centering my focus. These practices help me alleviate immediate panic and bring me back to the present moment, allowing me to regain control over my emotions. Though public speaking anxiety persists, these techniques have empowered me to speak with greater composure and confidence.

Seek Support and Professional Guidance

Navigating the fear of public speaking alone can be challenging, so I encourage you to seek support and professional help. Surround yourself with individuals who understand your journey and provide encouragement. Joining a public speaking club or seeking guidance from a speaking coach can offer valuable insights, constructive feedback, and a sense of camaraderie.

Overcoming the fear of public speaking is an ongoing process, and I am still navigating my own journey with it. By starting small, acknowledging every step of progress, and persistently pushing my boundaries, I am gradually chipping away at this fear. Remember, it's okay to feel anxious, but don't let it hold you back from growth. Thorough preparation, embracing practice, utilising relaxation techniques, and seeking support can pave the way for your personal triumph. Together, let's embrace the challenge, step into the spotlight, and allow our voices to be heard.