Data, digital and talent: inseparable strategies in the 4th Industrial Revolution

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Data, digital and talent: inseparable strategies in the 4th Industrial Revolution

The demands on today’s corporate workforce are more complex than ever before. The pace of change, innovation and the daily emergence of new, disruptive technologies is relentless.

Keeping up with these changes and analysing how they affect your business and its employees can be daunting, and leaders need to rely on trusted partners who can share skills, knowledge and insight.

“It is a capital mistake to theorize before one has data. Insensibly, one begins to twist the facts to suit theories, instead of theories to suit facts.”

~ Sherlock Holmes

One of the fastest growing skill sets in demand today is for employees who understand data science. This is a term bandied around corporate boardrooms often, but has anyone really unpacked what this innovative new field is, what the impact on your organization is and whether your teams can leverage the power of data science?

To start answering these questions, you first need to understand what data science is:

Data science is the analysis of data that is interpreted using scientific methods, processes and algorithms to extract insights and better understand businesses. Data scientists generally use a combination of statistics, mathematics, information science and computer science to find answers to complex questions.

The data scientist in your organisation is usually a problem solver, a data expert, an analyst, a communicator and a trusted advisor who works with algorithms to solve specific business challenges. They usually have an advanced degree in computer science, engineering, physics, statistics or applied maths.

Data scientists are expected to use data creatively to solve business challenges, with the expectation that they will uncover new and transformative opportunities along the way. The role of a data scientist is to use analytics, quantitative tools and modelling techniques to interpret data, draw conclusions and offer actionable recommendations based on insights from the data.

Data science can help businesses to mitigate risk and fraud, deliver more relevant products and services and personalise customer experiences.

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